Today’s high-level athlete must work on all the factors of performance (technical, tactical, physical and mental).  We are taught to function in a certain way, we have created habits which are more or less accurate. Mental training (according to our technique) takes into account the way in which we operate at the origin and not as we learn it throughout our existence.

The importance of reclaiming our real abilities, rooting them out, structuring them, to give way to the instinctive part of the athlete at this competitive level, can make all the difference.

Individual sport

A top athlete in individual sport is alone, he is the only decision maker.

He is the culminating point of the pyramid. We work with them individually and as much as possible with the athlete’s entourage (coach, physical trainer and manager).

An athlete who knows himself better will be able to be extremely reactive and feel more fulfilled.

Team sport

It is important for individuals to be at the service of the team, hence the need to work both with each athlete and with the team. As in individual sport, we work in collaboration with the athlete’s entourage.

Coach / Manager

We propose to the stakeholders, through this service, the explanation and key points of our method. We will also respond to requests for cohesion among stakeholders and what strategies should be adapted or abandoned (relational, advice, etc.).