They work or have worked with us, thanks to each of them for their testimonials.
In the months to come, you will find many international testimonies from the world of business, sports (many other sports too), decision makers, etc.
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Mathieu Faivre 

Member of the French Alpine Ski Team

Optimizing one’s function means accepting one’s reality and having the courage to work on it. 

Having a trusted person to help you do it, is a time saver and a real bonus.

Adrien Théaux 

Member of the French Alpine Ski Team

4 years ago I started working seriously on mental coaching with someone, and I have to say that it brought me a lot, both in my life as a top athlete and personal. Even if I still needs improvement, I have managed to reach a level that allows me to use less energy and most especially to use my abilities fully on a daily basis.

Brice Roger 

Member of the French Alpine Ski Team

1 year ago I decided to surround myself with a mental trainer. A process that allowed me to realize something. This is bringing me more stability and tranquility in my everyday life. While on my skis I realize that mental training is as important as physical or technical training.
However mental construction takes time a real day to day training.

Adeline Baud

Member of the French Alpine Ski Team

Working with Karine allowed me to know myself more deeply. To work on myself. Thanks to her I now where I belong and where I want to be.

Thank you Karine !

Dr. Fadi Rustom 

Oncologist / Hematologist 

Karine was a difficult but brave patient, who knows how to say no … she knows well her weak points and she is excellent at finding ways to rejuvenate. Mature, voluntary, loves life, friendly, smart, generous, analytical and critical…

She accepts you as you are … with your qualities and faults.

I think personal balance is the key to success. Knowing your strengths, qualities and defects is essential. Emptying your head of all worries and concentrating on yourself, on what you do. For that reason Karine’s method is very relevant, she found the correlation knot between the mind and the postural and how to work on it.

Pierrick Bourgeat

Former member of the French Alpine Ski Team 

I was lucky to work with   Karine for a year (it was very intense). Your energy, your involvement and your work impressed me. You brought a lot to me in my sporting life and outside of it.

I just have one regret, not having known you at the beginning of my career.

Thanks again for everything!

Alexis Pinturault

Member of the French Alpine Ski Team

Working with Karine for several years has allowed me to discover much about myself, thus erasing any barrier.

Lydie Lanza

Country manager Peak Performance France

Karine, you are a rare person, full, trustworthy and able to give without asking in exchange.

I wish our paths had crossed sooner because your precious help has changed my life.

Thanks to your knowledge and your experience, I now know what I am worth, but especially who I am even if learning is a life process.

Your life path as hard as it has been to you over the years, gives you endless possibilities of understanding, helping and supporting anyone.

So, thanks for everything you did and thanks for being true to yourself.

I particularly like this phrase of yours: “take life as an experience.”

Jeromine Geroudet

Former member of the French Alpine Ski Team

I was lucky to meet Karine in 2014, just after being separated from the French ski federation, 2 years after winning the title of junior world champion, after numerous injuries.

I was spending a lot of time physically preparing myself and working on skis, but unfortunately I had forgotten the mental factor that earned me all these injuries.

With Karine, I learned simple things about how our brain works, about people and the world in which we live. No witchcraft, no NLP or pretending of miraculous methods. Through her experiences and her way of life, she has shaped me to be the person I am today.
At the end of my sports career, I set up my own business. A gym, which today has more than 500 members. I have new sports projects (body building championships), professional projects (creating a gym franchise) and most of all my yesterday’s defeats have become my tomorrow’s experience. My vision of life has been totally transformed and reshaped by this incredible person whose life experience you could not even imagine.
Far from the shy, introverted girl who was lacking in confidence, I am today a full-blown, woman professionally and personally.

One word to summarize: Thank you! 

Killian Albrecht 

CEO manager, former Austrian Skier

Karine is an expert in her field. Helping the athletes to achieve their goals and maximizing their potential on race days through her unique approach …. you add the specifics 😉

Veronika Velez Zuzulova

Member of the Slovakia Alpine Ski Team

During my career, I lived both fabulous and complicated moments, I appealed to Karine at a time when I was at a dead end.

Sébastien Ratel

Member of GMHM (High Mountain Military Group)

Mountaineering, especially Himalayan climbing, provides extreme situations. Fatigue combined with risks reveals everything to one’s self and our climbing partners. In order to optimize our preparation for the Military High Mountain Group (an elite unit of the Army in terms of mountaineering), we wanted to train ourselves mentally. Get to know each other better, to better progress together. Karine’s training basis was to look objectively at each of us. To learn about our strengths and weaknesses to better understand our reactions. Then the goal was to organize our skills in order to make them more available in an emergency situation. Finally deciphering the behaviors of one’s teammates helps to reduce stress and go further with maximum lucidity.

Laurent Buttafoghi

Former coach of the French Alpine Ski Team

I had the chance to collaborate with Karine, first in accompanying high level skiers, a first for me: to try to share and work with a mental trainer in a high level team. A Beautiful challenge, a beautiful adventure, which taught me so much about myself, performance and human beings; as well as in the follow-up of the GMHM group on the “Himalaya” project. Her way of working, integrating body and mind into one system, demanded strength and self-denial!

We are sure of the construction, step by step, concrete, incarnate, in direct relation to any act of everyday life!! A big involvement is asked but, the athlete gains so much knowledge about himself and the tools needed to advance.


Her 100% personal commitment, her heart, her ability to work, her capacity of listening and analyzing, makes her a mental trainer of great value, beyond that, she is a “rare” person who will not leave you indifferent !!

One does not remain unscathed when meeting Karine! But always in the direction of evolution and movement!

Cyprien Richard

Former member of the French Alpine Ski Team 

Meeting Karine has been the highlight of my career, her method allowed me to become a man and finally ski as such.

“You ski as you live” she told me, “so train to live better and you will ski better”. Train your brain like your muscles, to make the most of your physical and technical abilities.

With an implacable logic, we can experiment with all to foresee nothing during.

Thank you for this courageous journey with myself which allowed me to move mountains…

Sébastien Prémat

Entrepreneur and helicopter pilot

“But what are you good for?” Those were my first words exchanged with Karine (at Alpine Skiing World Cup Adelboden or Sölden, 2009) … she did not need to say more than: “Wow, a lot of work to do here …. And that’s how it happened…. Not bad when you are on skis but are unable to manage your emotions. During testing, she dissected me from every angle and thanks to her, from a courageous skiing instructor, she skillfully managed to lead me on my true path: a Pilot of helicopters.

At the moment, I am a private pilot, I started the professional license, which should be finished by fall 2017. Whenever I am asked how I got into this formation, I always have this little voice in my head, from Karine telling me “It is not for you at 90 years to Wake up and tell yourself: “what if I had done it?! You know it, so go for it, don’t live with regrets, life is too short.”

“… I see myself again sitting in the brown armchair. I will be eternally grateful to you for all that you have brought me (the list is long), for all the conversations we had, always constructive, always a little something that made me grow even when it is was small talk. In each one of us is sleeping the person we are “destined” to become and (for me) your role was to “set up” this training and make it better every day by tapping into my deepest subconscious … everything that happens is somewhat written somewhere… For all this and all that still remains to do, a big thank you. Now I know “what you are good for my friend.”

Sandy Rieger


To surpass yourself continually, to let go of everything, to always dig deeper into one’s self, this is what is asked of me in my job every day.
Karine is an invaluable asset. She helped me become aware of my fears and overcome them, to surpass myself in order to build up the self-confidence necessary for my life and work. She drives me to always go further and not to stop myself at trials, to transcend myself!
Karine, thank you!
Your dunce 😉

Alexis Sevennec

World champion of ski mountaineering, member of the French ski mountaineering team

Karine, always makes you confront your own reality, as we always think in a diverted manner, but not her, she gets straight to the point. It’s true, at first, it’s hard to accept, but in fact it’s so much better this way! Her approach is completely different, she teaches us how to work with ourselves. In the world of today, we are all “standardized” then inevitably when you start to leave the mold, it accentuates everything.

What I appreciate, in working with Karine is that you are going to work as much on everyday life as on sport training. At least you have a complete parallel, and the best is, all the examples she uses, she does not lack for them! 😉

Magali Comte

Swiss Archery Team, 3 Paralympic Games

It’s now more than 6 years since I met Karine.
She came to my training center, since she knew nothing about archery, she watched me, and asked questions.
Then we sat down at a table to discuss my expectations, my goals and why I wanted to work with her.
Karine also told me that it would be necessary to work hard, that success would not come through her, but from our hard work.

A week later, I was sitting in her office.

When I walked out, I said to myself, “What are you doing here?” But I went back again and again for several years. I worked as much in her office, as at home, as she requested.

I had results I did not expect.

The work paid off, which allowed me to participate in the European Championships, World and Paralympic Games in London and Rio.

After Rio I made the decision to take a break from competition but Karine will always remain my mental trainer and a friend FOR LIFE.

Thank you Karine

Vincent Lehmann


I met Karine at the crossroads…From thread to needle, we exchanged, then got to know each other.

Karine is a person who skilfully combines the beauty of words and suggestions.

I have always appreciated her wisdom and the finesse of her pertinent remarks.

One always emerges happy and often grown from an exchange with the one I will recommend with eyes closed to the one who seeks to progress, to reach goals of change, to succeed in balancing his areas of life.

Karine is fully involved, both professionally and personally. “One must know how to give to receive” such could be her maxim of life as she is generous in her advice and attentions to those whom she chooses to accompany in their personal and professional development.